29th of Jan. - to 25th of March - 9 evenings from 6.00 to 7.30 p.m
Minimum booking of 6 classes

Anything can be a starting point for a dance – a specific mood, a particular body sensation, impressions of things we read, a movement we use for warming up our body … We don’t need to look far to find good stuff.

In the classes we will be using everything from every-day movements to accidentally arising situations – always posing the question: What is this thing or movement to me, what can I do with it, what does it do to me? In addition to this, we will look into different compositional aspects like time, space and body texture to explore the chosen elements. The aim is to hold a space in which playing, trying out, failing but also shinning can (co-) exist.

Saying yes to whatever comes up, being curious about what is already there and letting go of judgements, are important parts of the practises I propose. Going with what is already there, can be a very freeing process and opens up a lot of creativity.

The class in directed to everbody who loves to explore the living body and discover or practise improvisation.

Zina Vaessen is a dance maker, performer and teacher based between Freiburg and Basel

For me dancing is an activity in which, unlike as in other fields, I don’t compare myself much with others. Others serve me as inspiration, yes, but some how I have realized that I only can do the things in my way, so I don't dwell on wanting to move as (well) as others. I somehow always thought or knew that I have to work with the body that I am. Starting from such a place gives me a lot of focus and freedom and I feel that this is something I can also transmit to others: To stop comparing and to focus oneself and trust in ones own unique movement qualities.

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27th of Jan. / 17th of Feb. / 16th March / 30th March - 4 Sessions on Sat. from 2.00 to 4.00  p.m
Classes can be booked singularly!

Musicality in dance, the magic of rhythm and phrasing. We will be dancing with but also without music – picking examples from our resounding surroundings, from speech, singing and many more - getting inspired by different ways of experiencing time and timing. 

The class in directed to everbody who loves to explore the living body and discover or practise improvisation.

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All fotographs by Roman Pawlowski