Das Quartier in Uns

choreography and performance: Antonia Ravens (Harp) and Zina Vaessen (Dance) 
staging: ZoeEspace Basel, 2018
duration: 30 minutes

In the frame of their residency at ZoeEspace in Basel, Switzerland, between January and June 2018 the two performers Antonia Ravens and Zina Vaessen investigated different states of the body and phenomena of the interplay between performers and audience members. In Das Quartier in uns these phenomena of inter-subjective exchange are conceptualized through the notion of phenomena of resonance. Phenomena of resonance describe a being affected with a movement that is produced by someone else than myself (e.g.: I see someone yawning.) Das Quartier in uns is a 30 minutes long research, that investigates the interaction between performer and audience member. The inquiry was guided by the following research: How does the attention of another person affect one´s bodily state in the context of a live performance and how can this effect be made visible and choreographically productive. The two performers use the frame of a stage situation also in order to hint at a socio-political problematic: according to which criteria do we distribute our attention and how do these criteria manipulate what we perceive? How to steer and shape that which takes place within and outside of ourselves?